We repair all types of U.V. Systems with sale Spare parts i.e. U.V. Lamp, Quartz Jacket, Ballast


  • SAI UV Water Purifiers offer a complete range of UV water purification systems for drinking and process water applications with outputs ranging from 100 lph upto 1,00,000 lph.
  • For drinking water applications SAI UV systems are installed in residences, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, industrial canteens, and townships.
  • For process water applications, SAI UV systems are installed in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and beverage, aquaculture, and paint industry. SAI UV systems are also useful in Waste Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, TOC and Ozone reduction.

UV Technology :-
For the past 100 years science has recognized the bactericidal effects of the ultraviolet area of the electromagnetic spectrum. The specific wavelengths responsible for this reaction are situated between 240 - 280 nanometers (referred to as nm) with a peak wavelength of 265 nm. and are known as UV-C,
Fig. ( 1 ) shows: UV-C in the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.


  • SAI is Supplying a complete range of single and multi cartridge S.S. 316 filter housing to use for removal of fine particles present pre filtered medium to a wide range at application in liquid, oil and gas filtration. Filter housing are custom designed for unique application to meet a wide rang of operating parameters with respect to flow temperature, pressure, material of constriction. They are suitable to adapt filter element of standard length like 10”,20”,30”,40” having end connection to suit all international designs .

    On Line Ultra Violet Monitor System to sense only U.V. Light and indicates the level of germicidal U.V. Dosage 30,000 microwattssec/cm2

    Digital Radiometer for measurement of Ultra Violet Intensity. The U.V. meter is extremely useful for measurement of UV. Light and black lights used in NDT Inspection. medical/ clinical sterilizing lights, as well as UV. erasing / curing sources. it utilizes a stable photovoltaic sensor with a U. V. pass filter which blocks visible and infrared radiation.


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